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Chess playing robots.
Fanuc Robotics LRMate 200iB vs. 120iB

On request of a company Astor Ltd we constructed an application made of two Fanuc Robotics machines: LRMate 200iB i ArcMate 120iB with RJ3iB controllers. Robots playing chess were displayed during Automaticon 2006 exposition. As a communication platform between chess program and robots’ programs, we used Wonderware InTouch 9.0. This system was also used as an inner control panel responsible for monitoring parameters sent between chess program and robots’ programs. Chess application was GNU licensed and was appropriately modified by us so that it could be controlled from Quick Panel touchpad.

The aim of the project was to show the possibility of integrating industrial robots with InTouch 9.0 system, which is devised for supervising and controlling production processes in factories. What is important and worth mentioning is that both robots worked in the same working area and it was the first ( in the world) chess application built on Fanuc Robotics machines.