Our company is involved in robotization of industrial processes.Innovativeness of projects on a national scale, modern solutions and experience in metal industry makes us a reliable partner.


Robotized working station for loading and unloading a press brake

On request of the firm WIRAX located in Tuchomie we have constructed as the first Polish Integrator a robotized work station supporting the press break of VIMERCATI.

At the work station sheet metal of a given width is bent. Metal sheet is previously put on a special positioning table. The press brake enables bending metal sheet of length up to 1200mm.

We have used Fanuc S420iF with R-J2, PLC Versa Max Micro of GE Fanuc and Horner TUI control panel. The work station has been fenced with a special net. The application of the older type of a robot with a new hi-tech PLC and a panel causes the return on investment is possible within a year and a half.