Our company is involved in robotization of industrial processes.Innovativeness of projects on a national scale, modern solutions and experience in metal industry makes us a reliable partner.

The Offer

Robotized powder coating.

In Polish industry powder coating is often implemented on a special process line. Slung elements are transported to a spraying chamber where, through a special hole, paint is supplied manually. Powder is electrostatically applied on the surface of the element. High concentration of powder makes such a place very dangerous and may cause serious health problems, even if special filters are installed. Thanks to using a robot we do not have to be concerned about powder concentration caused by sprayed paint. A special protector secures mechanism from powder influence. The only additional equipment is an air gun controlled by a robot and a safety system which guards work station from unauthorized trespass.


• High repeatability
• Increase of painted elements in a time unit
• Decrease of the amount of paint needed
• Decrease of employment costs: one qualified person can operate many devices or work in less harmful environment
• the possibility of three–shift-work without additional costs
• robots are destined for severe duties