Our company is involved in robotization of industrial processes.Innovativeness of projects on a national scale, modern solutions and experience in metal industry makes us a reliable partner.

The Offer

Transport between operations

The most common optimalization problem that occurs in production is connected with a transport between operations. The proper location of machines and robots can minimize that problem. Thus, the only bottleneck would be delivery of semi-products and collection of finished goods. An implementation of the robot limits the number of the workers needed in the production cycle. Literally speaking, starting with loading on the first machine and finishing by robotized palletizing of final product on pallet, mounted on packing machine, no workers are required. The only workers taking part in the production process would be operators and forklift drivers. It is not a secret that only high level of automatization and robotization of the company can maximize its profits, raise competitiveness of its products and let it pass smoothly through moments of downtime and lack of economical stability on the market. Leading companies have already started the transformation.


• very high repeatability
• increase of number of transported elements in a time unit
• Decrease of costs of employment: one qualified person can operate many devices
• A possibility of three –shift- work without additional costs
• Robot is destined for severe duties