Our company is involved in robotization of industrial processes.Innovativeness of projects on a national scale, modern solutions and experience in metal industry makes us a reliable partner.

The Offer

Robotized welding station

A robotized welding station was one of the first applications used in industry
Thanks to robotization we attain:
• high precision of arc welding
• repeatability
• accurateness
• a speed of welding made by a robot would never be attained by a welder ( for the welder the speed is estimated at 7 mm/s compared with 50 mm/s reached by a robot, provided the proper conditions are fulfilled). Therefore, the advantages of a robotized welding are notably visible in case of long welds.
• a time required for passing between two elements being welded is shortened as the speed of the end effector is only about 4 m/s.
• the effectiveness of a robotized welding station accounts for 80% ( provided the working station is properly configured). In comparison the effectiveness of a worker normally does not exceed 20% during one shift.
• thanks to a robot implementation in welding it is possible to replace TIG method by a MIG method in 85 % of applications
• a robot makes it possible to use so called high current welding which is otherwise intolerable by a worker (a welding arc is harmful for a human)
• the worker’s high qualifications can be utilized more effectively. The worker does not have to make long, repetitive welds.
• increase of production capacity
• a robot is destined for severe duties
• increase of competitiveness and innovativeness of the company
• the possibility of a partial defrayal from EU subsidies of costs carried on the work station due to the fact that our solution is highly innovative and thus competitive nationally and internationally
• employment reduction- one trained person can operate many work stations. Additionally loading on a rotary table can be done by an untrained person who can also operate other devices e.g. a forklift.

Exemplary implementation: Work station for stainless steel welding and aluminum welding