Our company is involved in robotization of industrial processes.Innovativeness of projects on a national scale, modern solutions and experience in metal industry makes us a reliable partner.

The Offer

Loading and unloading of the machines

A robot is a device intended for loading and unloading the machines, particularly when we manage a mass production, where the elements are conveyed in long series. The robot equipped with an appropriate gripper can convey any item within its working space, depending on a load capacity and a range of the gripper. Every application of that type must contain a device which places an item in the corner described by three points. Optionally, the positioning can be done by a special roller conveyor that places the item before it gets to the machine. Robot is cheaper and far more flexible than a palletizator.

Machines most suitable to cooperate with a robot:

• Machining machines
• Plotters
• Cutting and punching machines
• Plastic working machines
• Surface treatment devices

• Increase of items conveyed in a time unit
• Cost cutting due to employment reduction-one qualified worker can operate up to few work stations
• The possibility of three–shift-work without additional costs
• Robots are destined for severe duties
• Increase of competitiveness and innovativeness of the company
• The possibility of a partial defrayal from EU subsidies of costs carried on the work station due to the fact that our solution is highly innovative and thus competitive nationally and internationally