Our company is involved in robotization of industrial processes.Innovativeness of projects on a national scale, modern solutions and experience in metal industry makes us a reliable partner.

The Offer

Robotized work station for loading and unloading a press brake.

Our firm is the first Polish company to have implemented a robotized work station to load and unload a press brake. We have made it without any support from foreign integrators in Poland. The work station enables banding of sheet metal of any thickness within the working range of the press brake. Sheet metal is collected directly from the pallet and is put on a special positioning table. With the aid of an appropriately shaped gripping device it can be freely manipulated. The robot can follow the sheet metal that is being bent.

The most common usages of a press brake:
• banding of sheet metal into a given shape (tractor mudguard, semi-finished goods)
• post production
• door and window production

• streamlining of a work station due to an increase of semi -finished goods produced in a given time unit
• cost cutting through employment reduction ( one man can operate up to three robotized work stations with press brake)
• decrease of possible accidents at a press brake (the operator controls the system out of the workspace of the press brake and the robot-he is separated by the fence)
• increase of competitiveness and innovativeness of the company
• the possibility of a partial defrayal from EU subsidies of costs carried on the work station due to the fact that our solution is highly innovative and thus competitive nationally and internationally

Exemplary implementation: work station for stainless steel welding and aluminum welding